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We are locally owned, family operated, and have more than 45 years of experience in the Senior industry. Call us today to learn more about our customizeable care plans.

Ephraim Rabhan
Co-Founder and CEO

The best part of my job is knowing that we are creating a safe, healthy, caring environment where seniors can age gracefully and lead more active lives. There is nothing more satisfying than helping our seniors live with confidence and continue to be strong, productive members of society.

Sabrina Rabhan
Co-Founder and Executive Director

The best part of my job is knowing that I am creating a long term solution for each individual client. I take great pride in providing a customized care plan geared to the needs and interests of each individual senior, so they can continue doing the things they love to do.

The Buckingham Legacy

It all began 70 years ago, Our Grandfather would walk down the street and notice a well-dressed, older gentleman sitting on a park bench every week after he had his weekly visit with his daughter. He asked if he could walk the man home one day and when they arrived Grandfather was appalled.  The gentleman was living in filth.  His pressed white suit, he said, was saved for his visits with his daughter so she would not know his day-to-day difficulties.  He explained to Grandfather that he did not want to bother her, that he wanted her to focus on her family and her job. He kept insisting that he did not want to be a burden.  He was so proud of her.


On that day Grandfather, along with Grandmother, pledged to themselves that they would dedicate their lives to providing a caring home for Seniors. They would create a place where they would feel safe and secure, and would employ a staff that felt the same way. They bought an apartment building, moved into the attic and rented out the apartments to seniors. They cooked and cleaned and took care of their tenants’ every need. Growing up, our mother thought she had 40 grandparents.


From that day on, Buckingham has been synonymous with excellence and the highest level of personalized care in the Senior industry. “Buckingham At Home” is proud to continue this outstanding legacy, and bring the Buckingham touch into the comfort of your home. We now feel that the same care and concern should be in your HOME.  We want to bring the peace of mind to every client and family.  From the moment you meet us and our staff you will receive exceptional care, it is our promise.

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Buckingham at Home
Buckingham at Home

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